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Alex – The Magic Mouse

Cindy – The Cordially

Claudia – The Mysterious

Elena – The Greek

Julia – The Loving

Luisa – The Unique

Mary – The Queen

Mona – The Experienced

Naira – The Tender

Nicole – The Unique

Pia – The Dreamlike

Sarina – The Massage Goddess

Tatjana – The Pearl


NOTE: The ladies shown on this website are partly salaried employees of Roseberry GmbH and partly self-employed ladies who offer their services in the premises of the Wellness Paradies Hannover. These ladies are therefore not employees of the Roseberry GmbH and are clearly marked on the individual profile pages behind their respective stage name as "independent service provider".
"The Roseberry GmbH occurs in this respect only as the owner of the premises. Contacts and contract partners in all matters are exclusively the acting ladies personally. Roseberry GmbH has no influence on the pricing of all services. For their pricing, each self-employed lady is responsible as a freelance entrepreneur in personal responsibility." For these self-employed ladies, the publication on our pages is a paid service.